Do you want to build a technology that enables autonomous cars, aircraft navigation, and even makes energy cheaper?

At Atomionics, we are building sensing technology which performs 1000x better than the current state of the art – using Atom Interferometry, harnessing the potential of wave-nature of atoms. An exponentially better GPS system, pinpointing mineral and hydrocarbon reserves, and drift free navigation systems for aircrafts and underwater vehicles are possible only with these sensors. GPS infrastructure and technology are only built by nations, what if we could together build an exponentially better navigation and positioning system and redefine sensing technology in the process. This is a chance to literally define the technology trajectory, and create a dent in the universe (and measure the dent as well)

Atomionics is an early-stage fast growing startup based in Singapore, supported by CQT’s Alumni Industry Programme and NUS Enterprise, along with some of the best investors and business partners. As an early employee, you’ll also be a culture contributor, helping define the culture of the company.


  • Work in collaboration with electronics engineers and atomic physicists to develop the system architecture to ensure robustness and reliability in a dynamic environment of Atom Interferometry sensing systems
  • Design the housing and packaging for miniaturized atom-interferometry setup
  • CAD models for precision manufacturing and fabrication of optomechanical benches
  • Structural analysis and characterization  to ensure robustness in harsh environment

About you:

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering
  • Experience using Solidworks/Autodesk/other CAD software
  • Experience in different manufacturing techniques and Design for Manufacturing

Even better if you have:

  • Prior experience in precision manufacturing and novel manufacturing techniques
  • Worked to build atom-interferometry based sensing system
  • Executed on product development from prototyping to final product deployment
  • Built micro-optical benches

What can we offer you:

  • Progress with Atomionics’ growth with access to our Employee Stock Option Pool and own the work you do along with a competitive Salary
  • A comprehensive medical insurance plan
  • A book/hobby project allowance to help you grow and collectively build the Atomionics library
  • Weekly board games and curry night. Board games can get very competitive. 🙂


If this is a vocation that you wish to pursue, apply now through Diversiteam!

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