Hire global engineering talent on demand.

We provide aspired vetted engineering talent who are ready for new challenges!


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Why Diversiteam

Hire quality engineering talent on demand while saving time and cost.

Vetted Engineering Candidates

We make sure that the candidates you view are top quality. All you need to do is select the talent that you require and invite them for interviews!

Instant Access

Unlike job boards, on Diversiteam you gain instant access to engineering talent with 100% response rate!

Full Control

You decide who you wish to interview with predictable talent acquisition costs

Some Companies That We Work With

Our Pool of Engineering Talent

Depending on your requirements you are able to hire a range of candidates, from senior students to experienced professionals.

Senior Students

  • Affordable salary
  • Full-time internship or project thesis
  • Work experience: 0 – 2 years
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Conversion to full-time hire possible
  • Collaboration and know-how exchange with partner university within a project thesis



  • Affordable salary
  • Full-time internship or employment
  • Academic degree in Bachelor or Master
  • Work experience: 0 – 3 years
  • Domain specific know-how



  • Full-time employment
  • Work experience: 3+ years
  • Industry and domain know-how
  • Professional network


How it Works

Select and hire competent engineers from a curated pool of talent who are ready for new challenges.

1. Select

Select candidates depending on your requirements from a ready pool of engineering talent and invite them directly for interviews.


2. Interview

Interview and evaluate candidates that you have selected.

3. Hire

Hire most suitable candidates and finalize your hire within few weeks.


Our Pricing

Pay for the first interview, no further strings attached.


5 credits

interview up to 5 candidates

S$ 62 ONLY

Instant access to vetted engineering candidates who are eager for new challenges
View as many profiles of qualified candidates as you wish
Invite candidates for interviews (starting from 1 credit per first interview), no further costs attached
Credits deducted only once the candidate confirms the interview (automatic credit refund if now response after 3 working days)

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Select engineers that you require and inviting them directly for interviews.

Who We Work With

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